//Arctic Cat M8 Install Pictures

Arctic Cat M8 Install Pictures


Donor Sled, 2009 Arctic Cat M8, (Thanks Cale). Cale wanted a hidden installation under the hood.


ac2 ac3

Mounting location, we used 2 x 6/32 nuts and bolts with 2 small holes drilled through the aluminum plate. We used a terminal strip to extend wires.



The Brown and Green wires (Normally Open Contacts) from our relay were paralleled on to the ignition switch. (red wire was used to extend the brown in this case) The “crimp on” connectors worked well.


ac5 ac6

We found D.C. power on the lower connection to the backup beeper. We used a piggy back blade connector and a Red extension wire to our control unit. The beeper was located in the right foot rest area.



Make sure the power wire doesn’t chafe on the sharp aluminum parts, put split loom covering or shrink tubing over it.


ac8 ac9

Prepare the antenna with zip ties to mount on the handle bar near the throttle control. (Yamaha shown, picture 2)


ac10 ac11

Completed installation, took about 1 hour.

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