//Cordless Teth-Air – FAQ

Cordless Teth-Air – FAQ

Q: What is the Cordless Teth-Air and why would I want one?

A: The Cordless Teth-Air is primarily a safety device for snowmobiles that will shut off the motor when the rider becomes separated from the machine. This can potentially save your machine from damage when the throttle gets stuck on or when free wheeling down a steep grade, aided by the running motor. Many snowmobiles do experience the throttle being stuck on, especially after a roll over.

Q: Can the Teth-Air be installed on any brand of snowmobile?

A: Yes as long as it is modern enough to have electronic ignition. (The older snowmobiles that have a kill switch that simply shorts the ignition coil will require an additional automotive type relay and a 9 volt battery as the current from the coil can be too high for the internal 5 Ampere relay.)

Q: Does the Teth-Air simply plug in to the factory wiring?

A: No there are just too many models in the market to provide all the necessary plug in combinations but installation is still very easy.

Q: So if it doesn’t simply plug in, how is the receiver unit wired?

A: The receiver unit only needs one wire hooked to the snowmobile power, one to ground and two wires to the original kill switch wiring. Scotch Lock connectors are providing for a quick and easy install.

Q: My snowmobile does not have electric start and therefore does not have a battery, will the Teth-Air work on it?

A: Yes the Teth-Air will work with the snowmobile stator power, 8-14 volts, AC or DC.

Q: What is the range af the Teth-Air?

A: Up to 30 ft. but the range can be diminished by shortening the receiver antenna length and for close up shut downs, the transmitter can be covered by pressing it into your lower back or completely covering it with your hand.

Q: How fast is the shutdown if the tag is out of range?

A: Less than one second.

Q: What happens if I loose the transmitter tag or if the battery goes dead when I am in the middle of nowhere?

A: No problem, there is a manual by-pass procedure that allows you to run the motor without the tag.

Q: Can the Teth-Air be used for sanctioned racing events?

A: The Teth-Air is not intended for this purpose, its purpose is to bridge the gap between riders that will not wear a corded tether and those that will not ride without a corded tether. The Teth-Air also provides limited security as the motor will shut off if the tag is not present.

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