//Cordless Teth-Air – Specification

Cordless Teth-Air – Specification

Snowmobile Control Module Unit and Tag Specifications

Voltage: Tag:, 3 VDC CR2032 coin cell , Control: 12 VDC or 12 VAC nominal (6 min to 18max)

Current: 120 mA average

Relay: S.P.D.T 5 Ampere max. load

Signal Strength: -12 dB TX., 1 – 10 metres, antenna length dependant. RX

Frequency: 2.45 GHz.

Dimensions, less flanges: Tag: L 5 cm” x W 3.4 cm x H 1.5 cm , Control L 11.5 cm” x W 6.5 cm x H 4.5 cm

Enclosure Materials: ABS Plastic

Water Proofing: Tag: Water resistant, additional sealing is required for water proofing. Control Unit: O-ring seal.

Tag Battery life: 6 months to 1 year, temperature dependant.

Warranty: One (1) year

Installation: Approximately an hour

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