//Polaris AXYS ARM CANDY – A-ARM BRACE KIT. Black Anodized

Polaris AXYS ARM CANDY – A-ARM BRACE KIT. Black Anodized

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CNC Aluminum brace kit for the 2016-2021 AXYS RMK and other models utilizing the forged aluminum A-Arms, including the newest “REACT”  narrowed front end design.

Designed to strengthen the thin rear segment of the lower A-Arms, the Source Innovations Ltd., Arm Candy Brace Kit, will reduce chances of twisted arms due to catching rocks on the ski carbides or other soft hits.  The A-Arms will still fold with a severe frontal hit.

Now all are black anodized.

Each brace only weighs 275 grams.

Picture #1 depicts the complete kit with hardware.

Picture #2 depicts the typical installation, bolts insert from the bottom so in some cases the removal of larger belly pan protectors may be necessary during installation.

Picture #3 depicts the common failure from carbides catching hidden rocks.

Picture #4 depicts frontal damage caused by tree collision where the arms should still fail.

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Typical damage from carbide catching rock Frontal tree collision, no protection with the brace kit

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 8 x 7 x 3 in