//Titanium Clutch Cover and Starter Cup Bolts for Polaris

Titanium Clutch Cover and Starter Cup Bolts for Polaris

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Although the Patriot 850 had a nice power bump over the 800 Liberty motors we did find they are slower revving. The motor is a bit heavier and response somewhat slower. We now have light weight titanium bolts that will cut the rotating mass quite substantially.

The kit offers 6 clutch cover bolts that are 1/2 the weight of the OEM bolts and the starter cup bolts are 1/3 the weight of the OEM bolts.

Quantifying the benefit. As most can understand, it takes energy to speed up and slow down a moving object. With reducing almost 70 grams of rotating mass on these motors that is nearly equivalent to the weight of an average clutch weight. You can imagine the forces each ramp weight imparts must be enormous to push a clutch closed against the clutch spring while clamping on the belt and overpowering the secondary. This will make your motor react quicker in the up revving and down revving that is key to tree riding performance.

Pic. 1 is the kit contents.
Pic 2 is the weight of the kit
Pic. 3 is the OEM bolt weight.

For those with Liberty motors the Clutch cover bolts are the same but the Starter Cup Bolts are different.


Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 1 x 8 x 8 in