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Laser Phantom Teth-Air

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    Phantom Remote Control

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Phantom Teth-Air Install Guide

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The Laser Phantom Teth-Air is a technologically advanced,  “Smart Tether”, that provids engine shutdown when the snowmobile rider is separated from the machine, all without the use of a cumbersome cord.

Plug and play on all modern 2-stroke snowmobiles.  We managed to shrink the components and now only the upper pod is mounted on the throttle block.  The wiring plugs into the factory speedometer wiring with OEM style connectors and the Teth-Air now only arms while the track is turning, run-away at full throttle or ghost riding at idle.  The former design with a capacitance sensor has been upgraded to a class 1 laser that shoots a laser beam down the throttle side handgrip to sense if the rider’s hand is present.  The laser has proven more reliable in very humid conditions that could occasionally fool the older sensor.  The roll-over switch is still incorporated, and the time delays are still available, from 0.5 seconds to 3 seconds using the supplied remote control.  On Ski-Doo models the factory tether function is not lost or disabled with a Teth-Air installed.

The throttle mount pods are all the same, only the wiring harness differs for each brand/model of snowmobile and therefore please order for your specific snowmobile.

Once you ride with the Laser Phantom Teth-Air, you will not want to ever ride with a corded tether again.

Not for finger throttles or “Lefty” throttle systems.  Call for further info or snowbike models. 403-444-5457.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 9 x 12 x 4 in
Ski-Doo G4

"G4, 2 Stroke"

Ski-Doo, XM/XS

"XM/XS, 2 Stroke"

Polaris AXYS

"AXYS 800HO/850, 2 Stroke"

Polaris PRO-RIDE

"Pro-Ride 600/800, 2 Stroke"

Arctic Cat Pre 18

"All 2017 and earlier, 2 Stroke"

Arctic Cat 2018 and Newer

"Alpha, Ascender 2018 and newer, 2 Stroke"