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Cordless Teth-Air System

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An innovation in the sport of snowmobiling.

Model CT-10 Cordless Teth-Air, Patent License US 7,034,696 B2

Utilizing the latest long range RFID (radio frequency Identification) technology, the Cordless Teth-Air is the latest safety innovation in the sport of snowmobiling. The CT-10 Cordless Teth-Air is a wireless tether system providing a modern alternative to the cord type kill switch tether found on many snowmobiles on the market. The Cordless Teth-Air can easily be installed on all brands of snowmobiles that utilize electronic ignition. How it works: The CT-10 consists of 2 parts, the first is a small 2.45 GHz. transmitter tag that is worn on the wrist of the rider. The second is the control unit that is mounted on the handle bar riser or under the hood. Within 1 second of starting the engine, if the transmitter signal is not present, the engine will be shut down. If during a ride, the rider falls off or for other reasons is separated from the machine, the engine will also shut off in approx. 1 second. Installation: The CT-10 control unit requires an electrical power source from the snowmobile, and is compatible with battery or non-battery electrical systems. The 5 Ampere load output relay provides the option for normally open and normally closed (parallel or series) connections to your existing kill switch wiring. The installation does not disable your existing kill switch, ignition key, DESS system or corded tether. Set-up: The CT-10 can be set to read 1-6 tags which allows for all in your group to move from machine to machine or if only 1 tag is registered, there is no chance that your machine will inadvertently be kept running when passing another person wearing a tag.

  • Effective range: 1 to 10 metres ( 3-30 ft.), antenna length dependant, with 1 second delay.
  • User interface 1: Pushbutton on control unit for tag registration and system by-pass function.
  • User interface 2: Dual colour LED on control unit, green flash for tag receive and red flash for low tag battery.
  • Tag Battery: 6 months on popular CR2032 button cell.
  • Enclosures: Water resistant construction for both tag and control unit.

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